Benefits of pre-operative physiotherapy at home

Are you looking out for any physiotherapy services near me? Surgery has  profound impact on the human body and hence it is necessary to take the required measures so that the human body will be able to withstand that impact. It is quite a misconception that physiotherapies are only useful pre-surgeries. Having a home care nurse who will take the physiotherapy can be quite helpful to your elderly. This is especially important for older citizens who have modest mobility concerns or are obese. Home pre-operative physiotherapy is an important part of surgical preparation.
As your elderly may be feeble at that age and will require the utmost care presurgery and post-surgery. Through a properly balanced-diet and physiotherapy at one’s own home in their comfort zone, the surgery will turn out to be a great success.
Pre-operative physiotherapy at home is a method in which exercise sessions and regimens are conducted to prepare the body’s responsiveness and capability before to surgery.
Pre-operative physiotherapy at home is a key step toward rehabilitation following surgery for senior adults who have decreased physical capacity and bodily strength. If the elderly is scheduled for hip or knee replacement surgery, a pre-operative physiotherapy session at home is excellent. The process should begin gradually and at least two months before the operation.
Pre-operative physiotherapy at home includes specialized sessions and exercise therapies designed to minimize pain and inflammation through rigorous muscle training. This increases the older person’s stamina and flexibility before surgery. Preoperative home physiotherapy for the elderly is a continuous exercise intervention used to train the body before the surgery. The functioning of the knee after surgery is heavily dependent on how it functioned before the surgery, which is common among the elderly.
There are numerous benefits of supervised pre-operative physiotherapy at home.
Flexibility reduces recovery time after the surgery, safe and comfort at your own surroundings, and prioritized care. Having a personalized physiotherapy services at home gives a positive approach for timing flexibility. The sessions can be conducted as and when the schedule your elderly or your loved one has during their day. It also plays a significant role in reducing the recovery time after a surgery. According to a survey, it was shown that around 29% of elderly who underwent hip and knee
replacement surgery healed swiftly due to pre-operative physiotherapy sessions.
Before surgery, older persons can benefit from home physiotherapy combined with a good diet and nutrition to decrease recovery time and hospital stays. In some situations, with priority care and regular sessions, surgery was unnecessary. The periods of tension and anxiety before an older person has surgery. It is increased when the physiotherapy sessions take place in a professional setting that is not familiar to the elderly.
Pre-operative physiotherapy sessions at home are held in their own comfort zones with loved ones. The gains made during the sessions, as well as the support of family members present, assist to urge the older person to exercise on a regular basis. In addition, having more unwell individuals around in a healthcare setting may cause anxiety. Such unpleasant feelings are minimized during home care physiotherapy sessions. Keeping in mind not to miss out on the prioritized and specialized care that your loved ones will get having physiotherapy services right at home.

Why Choose Nurse At Home Instead Of Old Age Home?

Family is that one bond that lasts forever. No matter how old you become, no matter what your achievements are, no matter how far you are from them, your parents will always love you for who you are. When you cannot always be available for your old parents that is the time when you trust someone. And that someone will take your place when you are not available for your parents. That’s where caregivers/ caretakers come into the picture.
A sudden need of any urgency and you are relieved, your caregiver is there at that moment to ensure their needs are being met which will be lacking at an old age home. Because your caregiver is available 24/7, making you and them at ease. Also, it is very natural for you to worry about your parents, as they grow older, you think about how they will get along from day to day.

There are numerous advantages of having a trained, trusted, and responsible caregiver at home. They can make the elderly recover from an ailment, injury, post-surgery hassle-free and easy. This caregiver will also help the elderly with physiotherapy sessions at home. An elderly who is bedridden or unable to move freely will find it difficult to use the washroom or maintain personal hygiene which is taken care of by a trained nursing caretaker. Having a trained caregiver will ensure any mishappenings like falls, injury and ensure their safety in that feeble age of theirs. In addition, the elderly who stay at home tend to be physically and mentally healthier compared to old age homes.

For the elderly who are suffering from dementia, it is challenging to take care of them which requires knowledge, patience and understanding. Families, generally, lack the experience and skills to understand the age-related conditions and fail to care for their beloved ones properly. Also, it is quite painful to view your beloved parents deteriorate mentally. A Qualified nurse at home can provide a lot of support, as they understand the condition and have all skills and experience to deal with dementia patients rightly.

A medical survey has revealed that people who have a home nursing services facility at home live a longer life. Receiving emotional, physical, medical, and specialized care in their comfort zones helps senior citizens live healthier and longer life. Because no comfort zone can replace one’s own home. Especially your parents may be attached to a particular couch, a favourite chair, a favourite routine, or a favourite view from a specific corner in the house. Besides, relocating can be very stressful. Also, they are left with all the memories of us in that place, when remembered would make them feel nostalgic and happy which will lack at an old age home.
Because ‘IT FEELS LIKE HOME’, with a responsible and trusted nurse at home. You will definitely want to give your parents the best just like they did when you were young! So, consider these points before making a decision.

How Winters Affect the Elderly

Winter is just around the corner. In many places, temperatures have already begun to drop, warm jackets are coming out and, the days get longer and darker. While winter may be an enjoyable and exciting time for some, there is a category of people who may struggle more than others with the cold. 

Surprisingly, winters can have a negative impact on the overall health of the elderly or senior citizens. It is important to keep a watchful eye on them, have the contact number of the best physiotherapist around and even sign up for home healthcare in some cases to ensure their safety.

So how does the winter impact their health:

Increases risk of hypothermia

Hypothermia occurs when the body becomes so cold it starts to shut down. In cases where there is extremely cold weather, the risk of hypothermia goes up exponentially. This happens because their bodies cannot withstand the cold as long as younger people. Elderly people naturally create less body heat, which means they are often colder than younger individuals to start with. Watch out for slowed reactions and movements, sleepiness, slurred or slow speech and confusion.

Cardiac troubles

Patients with existing underlying heart conditions are at greater risk for cardiovascular troubles during winters. The cooler temperatures lower the overall body heat. This can cause the blood vessels to contract, reducing oxygen supply to the body, increasing the risk of a stroke. The extra work that the body has to put in to stay warm can also lead to higher blood pressure and heart attacks. If you have a senior citizen at home who has pre-existing cardiovascular conditions, having a nurse at home may be a good idea. 

Respiratory illness

The drop in temperature commonly leads to respiratory infections in older people. The main reason for this is that excessive cold lowers their immunity and weakens lung function. Asthma patients and patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) need to maintain special care during winters.

Increased pain

Another side effect of the cold is that muscle and existing pains tend to worsen in the cold weather. This can be especially difficult for those suffering from arthritis and other conditions as it may hinder their mobility significantly. Look out for the best physiotherapist to help you out through this as it can impact their movement significantly. 

These realities may sound scary and a little bit daunting, but a few simple steps will help keep your loved ones safe and cosy. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • Ensure they wear lots of layers.
  • Use heaters indoors.
  • Get regular check-ups.
  • Keep a very close eye on them and pay attention to anything that may seem a little off.
  • Hire helpLook around for a nurse at home from the SSSPS home healthcare provider to lend a hand.

Having a helping hand can put your mind at ease and your beloved ones safe and cared for at all times!

The Increasing Need For Physiotherapy In The Work From Home Era

It has now been over a year that most of India’s population are working from home. The shift to working from home during the pandemic has brought many changes to the work culture as a society at large and in general, the work from home concept has been embraced, celebrated and even desired by many. But there is an alarming issue at hand and that is the overall health of the working individual.

In September 2020, only 6 months after work from home was implemented, the Economic Times reported that ‘many people have started complaining of neck pain and backache while working for long hours and are seeking help from physiotherapists.” This has left ‘physiotherapist near me’ as one of the top Google searches of late 2020 – an alarming indicator that physiotherapy centres are in high demand. The top 3 reasons for this are:

1) Long hours – with the new structure, computers, phones and official devices are made available in the comfort of one’s home. This means that individuals are more accessible at all times of day, making it difficult to disconnect or draw boundary lines between work and home which leads to long working hours

2) Improper posture – Oftentimes, there are households with more than one working individual. Some households may even children who are being homeschooled. This means that employees may look for a comfortable but quiet space to work, but the working posture is compromised in the bargain.

3) Seating Arrangements – With the shut down of furniture shops and a sudden move to work from home, several individuals have been left to use make-shift work spaces. The unavailability of a proper work desk and chair which is designed for long working hours can cause catastrophic consequences to an individuals bone and muscle structure.

Other common reports noticed are: wrist, ankle and joint pains, knee pain and eyesight deterioration. The good news is: the right home physiotherapist can and should help prevent or tackle these struggles, here’s why:-

– Aches and pains are preventable

– If not remedied, it can lead to lifelong problems

– Acts a reminder to keep excercising

– A healthy body enables better work productivity.

– No matter how young, even students can suffer, but early action from a home physiotherapist will lead to better mental, physical and emotional well being..

Now more than ever, it is so important to have the absolute best home physiotherapist available at your fingertips. Why? Simply because physiotherapy at home ensures that all the above mentioned issues are temporary and prevents unnecessary suffering while keeping you and your family safe. Even young children studying from home need to be careful as poor posture not only affects the spine formation but also triggers headaches, indigestion and disrupted sleep. Thankfully, if you’re wondering “where can I get a physiotherapist near me”, the search is over. Thanks to our high end physiotherapy centre, we’ve got you covered where you can avail the best physiotherapy at home at any time of day.

So why suffer another day, book your home physiotherapist care package today and invest in your happy, healthy future.