There are times when our loved ones are in need of more than a nurse. Sometimes, they need round-the-clock patient care services wherein they may get assistance with daily household tasks, handling nutritional needs and assistance with mobility. That’s where our caretaker services come in. We will provide a caretaker for the patient at home, so that whatever the patient requires in order to live a high-quality life will be taken care of. One of our specialty services, is providing a highly trained caretaker for elderly. patients who are equipped to handle all geriatric needs. Moreover, our patient care services ensure that not only the physical needs of the patient are met, but also the need for companionship and friendship. Our caretaker services are more than just fulfilling ordinary tasks, especially when it comes to providing a caretaker for elderly. To us, our patient’s overall well being is our top-most priority – and that’s why our caretaker for the patient at home goes through rigorous training in patient care to meet the needs of the patient.

Home caretaker services are now in high demand because of the proven benefits.

These are some of them:
  • Elongated lifespan – Research has proven that adults stay healthier with social interaction and companionship. In the event that family are unable to be with a loved one, having a caretaker for the patient at home has proven benefits to staying healthier and improving lifespan.
  • Comfort – Home patient care services allows the patient to be comfortable in their own home and in an environment, they are known to.
  • Safety – By opting for home caretaker services, the patient remains safe from infections or viruses that may be found in medical institutions.
  • One on one attention – Having a dedicated caretaker ensures the patient gets undivided attention at all times of the day or night when necessary.
  • Other benefits – The patient will receive assistance with mobility, daily tasks and feeding.


Every patient is different and each one has their own journey. All services are fully personalized to meet your specific requirements to ensure that the services are tailor-made just for you.

Caretakers are available as per the requirement. They are available during the day for a specified number of hours or in the night time or in the night or even 24/7 if required.

Services can be broken down in 3 major categories:

Patient care- this includes monitoring medication, coordinating with doctors, nurses, family member’s, offering companionship, and assistance with any mobility requirements including exercise, and bathing.

Nutritional care- Making sure the patient has their meals on time, preparing meals if required and maintaining a diet chart where necessary.

Household assistance- in many cases patients enjoy maintaining their independence but they may need assistance in doing things around the house. Our caretaker services ensure that the caretaker is available to assist the patient in any way needed.

Our caretaker at home services cater to any age from children to the aged. Age is no barrier!

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