Home nursing services is simply when a nursing bureau sends their staff to be the on-call nurse at home for any patient related needs. What this means is that the patient will have a nurse at home round-the-clock who will provide a range of in-home nursing services for as long as they need. This will ensure that the patient is able to receive the absolute best care from the comfort of their own home instead of a hospital. So, whether it is monitoring vitals, ensuring medication is taken on time or coordinating with the patient’s doctor, the nurse will handle it all. At Shree Swami Samarth Patients Seva, we ensure that only the best and most highly qualified nurses are connected to our nursing bureau to maintain the highest level of care and service. The best part: our services are available in the cozy of your home or even a hospital too! Wherever the need, that’s where we’ll be.

Here’s 5 reasons why it’s beneficial to have a nurse at home for a patient:
  • Familiar surroundings – The patient is in an environment that they know and are familiar with which offers that added sense of comfort. They would be in their own home, able to sleep in their own bed, have home entertainment such as television or visiting neighbours and wear their own clothes.
  • Peaceful mindset – The comfort and familiarity of being in your home, allows the patient to be more at peace. If you are the patient’s loved one, you’ll know that they are where they are happiest and safe
  • Safety and protection – It goes without saying, that by opting for home nursing services, the patient who would have otherwise been in a hospital or medical care facility, would be shielded from other infections, viruses or bacteria that may transfer between patients at the hospital. Why worry about further illness when you don’t have to?
  • Personal touch – Having a nurse at home means that because they get one on one time with the patient, they will get to know the patient and therefore be able to care for them in a personalized manner.
  • Other benefits – The benefits are numerous. Right from medication reminders, to assistance with daily living, companionship and support with diet and nutrition.
  • For supervision, we make our routine visits every 15 days.


Every patient is different and each one has their own journey. All services are fully personalized to meet your specific requirements to ensure that the services are tailor-made just for you.

The frequency of the visit is purely as per the requirements. Home nursing services are available 24/7.

All healthcare related services that ensure the care and well-being of the patient. Whether it is caring for the elderly or a trauma patient in recovery, the patient’s care is the top-most priority.

Our home nursing services cater to any age from children to the aged. Age is no barrier!

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