Whether at home, in hospital, or a clinic, there may be a time that you’d like a male attendant or male nurse to be with the patient at all times. We can help! With our ward boy services, your loved one will have a male attendant available to them at whatever time you need. Whether it is 24×7, only in the day or only in the night, our ward boy for home will be available for you! This means that when you avail our ward boy services, the male patient will have their very own male nurse to assist them with whatever needs they may have, throughout the day or night so that you can be rest assured that they are well taken care of! That’s why our ward boy for home services are one of the most trusted in the industry.

How does it help to have a ward boy?

Here is how:
  • Personal care – Whether it is assistance with going to the washroom, bathing and getting dressed or maintaining personal hygiene, having a dedicated male attendant means that these needs would be taken care of.
  • Mobility care – Sometimes patients may need to be transported, or they may need assistance with doing their daily exercise, moving around and keeping active. Our ward boy services will cover it all.
  • Assisted Daily Living – Right from changing sheets, keeping up with laundry, meal preparation or feeding where required, the patient will be fully cared for.
  • Stress free care – By having a personal male attendant available at all times, you can check in on the patient’s well being at any time, receive timely updates as well as ensure that the ward boy is coordinating with the doctors for care and treatment plans.


Every patient is different and each one has their own journey. All services are fully personalized to meet your specific requirements to ensure that the services are tailor-made just for you.

Ward boys are available as per the requirement. They are available during the day for a specified number of hours or in the night time or in the night or even 24/7 if required.

As a male attendant, he will remain at the side of the patient at all times. He will ensure that the patients needs are taken care of, call the doctor or nurse where necessary and ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness is maintained.

Our ward boy services cater to any age from children to the aged. Age is no barrier!

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