Why choose SSSPS for nanny services?

New-borns bring joyous moments in one’s life. This comes with a bag full of responsibilities. The moment is shared by every family member, it leaves us with overwhelming emotions. While it brings joy and responsibility, this responsibility makes every family member a little tired, especially the mom.

To this rescue, we have Nannies taking care of the baby. The nannies are like another mother for every baby, who make sure the baby rests well, the hygiene is maintained, and gets the desired amount of food. As guardians these days, we are lucky to have numerous childcare choices. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach regardless of what you choose. What’s significant is perceiving what means a lot to you and your loved ones.

But ever thought of the mother who also requires the utmost attention. Many of us know that nannies are helpful in ways to lessen the pressure of motherhood. But mother requires care now and many times a little later too, depending on the health factor of her body.

This sometimes leads to the weakening of the mother’s health, as many times, her care is whole and solely taken by her, which results that she has not taken proper care of herself unknowingly, as much healthcare that a newborn’s mother requires is only known to doctors, nurses, and nannies. Because even though she is a human and she is surrounded by someone who does take care but forgets a few things, leads to a drastic situation. And that’s the main reason why nannies are important for mother and child, which is not known to many.

To your rescue comes the Shree Swami Samarth Patients Seva. At Shree Swami Samarth Patients Seva, you are ensured to get a well-trained Nanny. To make this journey as gorgeous as it could be expected, we offer infant and mother care at home. This implies that not exclusively can you benefit childcare administrations at home, yet additionally, guarantee that the mother is taken care of- day or night! Our completely prepared staff are prepared to deal with infant and mother care at home regardless. These childcare administrations at home guarantee a very much refreshed mother, which thus leaves a more joyful and better mother and child.

Studies show that getting infant and mother care at home in the initial three to a half years of the child’s life can have deep-rooted benefits for both mother and child.

Sufficient rest

Having some assistance implies that the mother can get the rest that she wants while her body is yet recuperating from the conveyance. A well-rested mother will be empowered to be present for her child mentally, nurture the child with calmness, and be at lower risk of postpartum anxiety

Makes space for bonding

Babies bond rapidly after they are conceived. By having the undertakings like clothing and other child-related tasks dealt with, it permits space for the mother and child to form a bond that will endure forever

Ward offs long

lasting back and body torment – Post-delivery torment is entirely expected of moms. Trying not to lift significant burdens and the right activity can assist with guaranteeing that this pain is temporary and doesn’t remain with them until the end of their lives.

Thus, Shree Swami Samarth Patients Seva ensures the best care for the newborn and the mother.

Summer safety tips for seniors: How to help older adults stay healthy when it is hot outside?

Pleasant weather is all that is needed to make the most of the day. But the dramatic summers can be a bit annoying for your elderly. As, our ability to cope with the effects of hot temperature, high humidity and the hot sun goes down as we age. Especially if your elderly is bedridden, then all that sweat adds to skin problems and irritation. When you are not available for your elderly, to help them during this season because of the busy errands that you must run throughout the day, having a nurse at home will make you at ease. You then rest assured that your nursing caretaker is available to play your role. 

During this sweaty and warm climate make sure to keep your elderly always hydrated when you are around and even when you are not. They may not even know how heat is affecting them. As, the ability to sweat decreases with age. 

So, their loved ones or nursing caretakers need to not only remind them to drink water but bring it to them during heat waves. 

  • Especially elderly who are suffering from dementia are highly prone to dehydration as their brain may keep them from being able to communicate their distress. 
  • Fresh juices (like orange, watermelon, apple etc.), smoothies, water, milk, tea/ coffee once in a while, kaadha for immunity booster etc., can be given as per the need and requirement. 
  • Avoid drinks to dehydration like alcohol or caffeinated drinks. 
  • Ask your nurse at home to sponge, shower, or bathe them on a regular basis, especially during summers. 
  • Make sure to keep their rooms always ventilated. 
  • Schedule their walks either early in the morning or at the later parts of the day.
  • Comfort is the utmost thing one must keep in mind. 
  • It starts from the atmosphere around you to the clothes that your elderly wear around throughout the day during their hottest times. 
  • Make sure that you or your nursing caretaker ensures to change our elderly’s clothes regularly and let them wear light-coloured loose clothes. 
  • Try to keep the house as cool as possible. 
  • Close the windows and blinds during the day, then open the windows in the evening when the temperature cools down sufficiently. 
  • AC is important for older adults with respiratory conditions like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) because heat and humidity can aggravate their breathing. 
  • Keep all their medications up-to-date and safely stored.
  • Avoid any heat exposure during the daytime. 
  • Summers reduces one’s appetite. Light meals are good, but it is important to get in those nutrients, especially since senior citizens are prone to a lack of nutrients and essential vitamins. 
  • Make sure to give them plenty of fresh fruits and salads which will, in turn, keep their body’s water level intact. 
  • Avoid any activities that may cause heat exhaustion among your elderly. 

Last but not least ensure that you spend at least an hour with your elderly, removing that one hour from your daily busy errands is extremely crucial towards the mental health and happiness of your elderly. Also, hiring a professional from elderly care services can help you when you cannot manage time out of your daily chores for your elderly.

Intensive Care at Home: A win-win for patients and healthcare industry

A home is a place where people can be themselves. Nothing compares to the comfort of one’s own home. Patient care services assure you of this comfort. Trained professionals at your doorstep in your own comfort zones. Research shows that patients tend to recover better and faster when they are in familiar surroundings, especially their own homes rather than being constrained to a four-wall space.

Hospitals are severely overburdened especially in personalized and critical care. A survey says that 8.3% of total health spending in developed countries such as the US, in India constitutes a mere 3.6% depicting massive headroom for growth. Home healthcare will solve problems by allowing hospitals to focus on critical care needs while also establishing patient care services for both pre-and post-recovery at home. Doctors are also turning up to home healthcare and growing more supportive of home health care services. Receiving one-to-one attention and having a tailored care plan according to the patient’s special needs makes the treatment more effective and builds trust among the nurse at home, the patient, and their family. 

As per research, home healthcare or elderly care services can replace up to 65 % of unwanted hospital visits, cost up to 40% less than hospitals, and lower hospital operational costs by 20%. A hospital ICU patient pays around Rs. 35–50K per day, while a similar setup at home costs around Rs. 7.5 –10K per day. Studies have shown that recuperation time reduces by 15% when the patient is at home rather than at a hospital. Home nursing services are also growing in popularity for chronic disorders that require ongoing care like (neuro, stroke, paralysis, ortho, cardiac, diabetes, infertility, and so on), as well as for specific segments (senior citizens, special needs children, patients recovering from surgery etc.) A few years from now patients might get complex tests and diagnostics done at home itself. This will take the real care onto the next level benefiting both: the patients as well as the emerging home health care services in our country.

Home nursing services is a win-win combination for both patients and for various stakeholders, as it is emerging out in the Indian markets. For patients, it offers complete personalized professional care at their own homes offering lower convenience with low pricing as compared to hospitals. And for hospitals, it frees up beds faster allowing them to focus on patients with more severe health conditions. If you are a busy person who needs to conduct house and workplace chores, having a nurse at home who is available 24/7 to take care of your elderly, from personal cleanliness to ensure that they feel comfortable, is a benefit to your fast-paced existence. For patients who are bedridden, home nursing services are the best-personalized services that one can get. As we always want to give only the best for our loved ones.

Even you are relieved that your loved ones are comfortable in an atmosphere that they want to be in. Keeping you rest assured that they are under constant monitoring and under the experienced professional’s guidance, care, and support.

How to care for a bedridden patient?

If you are a busy person who must run house and office errands then having a nurse at home who is available 24/7 to take care of your elderly, from looking after their personal hygiene to ensuring that they feel comfortable is a positive advantage to your pacing lifestyle.

Being a working guardian and juggling to balance your work and personal life becomes difficult and tedious at times. Taking care of your bedridden elderly is a huge responsibility and should be done with utmost care and patience. Having a nurse at home to take care of your elderly is the best way to help yourself and your bedridden elderly. It’s extremely painful and disheartening to see your elderly parents bedridden. But ensuring that they are stable and comfortable is solely our responsibility.

Looking after their grooming and hygiene is extremely important to avoid any fungal infections, allergies, or diseases. A trained nursing caretaker will look into their daily bathing, dental care, making them wear their fresh clothes, keeping a check on their trimming of fingernails and toenails, haircut, and grooming. Bedsores (also known as pressure ulcer) are extremely common in bedridden patients, but the good news is that it is preventable. If the elderly spends majority of his/her time on the bed, ensure that you reposition them every few hours. If they can move on their own, then encourage them to move and readjust themselves quite often. Also make sure you stay alert on the common parts where bedsores are likely to occur e.g., ankles, heels the hip area and the tailbone.

Ensure that their bed linens are regularly changed and laundered. The trained nursing caretaker will take care of the proper nutritional care. They will monitor and record the meals to ensure they are getting in proper nutritional value and having balanced meals. Make their environment lively, comfortable, and fresh. So, they feel good in that environment around them. It is also extremely important to deal with the bedridden with utmost patience and care. Having a male ward boy nurse at home will help your elderly feel comfortable while taking them to use the washroom if they can make movements. A man’s physical strength is undoubtedly strong which will make them comfortable while relying on their strength for movements.

Let your children often visit your parents, talk to them, which will lighten the mood and make in a happy atmosphere for the bedridden elderly. A happy and positive and cheerful atmosphere is extremely important for them. Take some time out of your daily schedule and talk to them bout your day. If possible, try having a meal next to them or with them. Even you can read out the newspaper to them or play on their favourite songs. Never zone them out completely, don’t let them feel lonely. Make sure the place is reasonably well lit as per the need, the necessities are right at their bedside, and the place is well ventilated at all times. Reduce noise levels as far as possible. Take extra precautions during this pandemic. Always ensure their and your safety.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, one should also take expert advice, medical opinion, or help from professional home nursing services in case any other challenges are faced in caring for the elderly parents or other family members at home.

Why Choose Nurse At Home Instead Of Old Age Home?

Family is that one bond that lasts forever. No matter how old you become, no matter what your achievements are, no matter how far you are from them, your parents will always love you for who you are. When you cannot always be available for your old parents that is the time when you trust someone. And that someone will take your place when you are not available for your parents. That’s where caregivers/ caretakers come into the picture.
A sudden need of any urgency and you are relieved, your caregiver is there at that moment to ensure their needs are being met which will be lacking at an old age home. Because your caregiver is available 24/7, making you and them at ease. Also, it is very natural for you to worry about your parents, as they grow older, you think about how they will get along from day to day.

There are numerous advantages of having a trained, trusted, and responsible caregiver at home. They can make the elderly recover from an ailment, injury, post-surgery hassle-free and easy. This caregiver will also help the elderly with physiotherapy sessions at home. An elderly who is bedridden or unable to move freely will find it difficult to use the washroom or maintain personal hygiene which is taken care of by a trained nursing caretaker. Having a trained caregiver will ensure any mishappenings like falls, injury and ensure their safety in that feeble age of theirs. In addition, the elderly who stay at home tend to be physically and mentally healthier compared to old age homes.

For the elderly who are suffering from dementia, it is challenging to take care of them which requires knowledge, patience and understanding. Families, generally, lack the experience and skills to understand the age-related conditions and fail to care for their beloved ones properly. Also, it is quite painful to view your beloved parents deteriorate mentally. A Qualified nurse at home can provide a lot of support, as they understand the condition and have all skills and experience to deal with dementia patients rightly.

A medical survey has revealed that people who have a home nursing services facility at home live a longer life. Receiving emotional, physical, medical, and specialized care in their comfort zones helps senior citizens live healthier and longer life. Because no comfort zone can replace one’s own home. Especially your parents may be attached to a particular couch, a favourite chair, a favourite routine, or a favourite view from a specific corner in the house. Besides, relocating can be very stressful. Also, they are left with all the memories of us in that place, when remembered would make them feel nostalgic and happy which will lack at an old age home.
Because ‘IT FEELS LIKE HOME’, with a responsible and trusted nurse at home. You will definitely want to give your parents the best just like they did when you were young! So, consider these points before making a decision.

How can you help your senior family member bond with a caregiver?

Building a bond and relationship between your caregiver and your elderly is extremely essential. Establishing this bond and relationship will encourage open and honest communication which will work both ways out. Firstly, when you decide to bring in a nurse at home, it is very important to hire a professional from a Home Nursing Services Agency, who has experience in taking care of the elderly. If your elderly is suffering from dementia, ensure you hire a professional who has dealt with such patients rather than a newbie.

Caregivers often observe things that no one else does. So, make sure you listen to their observations and points with an open mind. The positive energy that you give to a caregiver that relationship will be awarded back! As it is important that even your caregiver feels at ease in the surroundings and when they deal with the elderly. You may also engage with some personalized activity session frequently between your caregiver and your elderly like watching some movie classics together, reading out their favourite book or poem to them, if your elderly can walk without support then going out to outdoor garden walks together, observing nature together etc., also the hobbies can always vary according to the elderly’s lifestyle and choices. This will create a bond of friendship and openness between the two and make their bond grow stronger. Because having a good companionship is a huge part which is required to fill the gap between the two.

As it is said, “Building relationships encourages independence, which has a positive impact on overall happiness.” Having cheerful and positive energy between the nurse at home and the patient, in turn, will aid in a fast recovery if your elderly are suffering from certain ailments or post-surgery recovery. Respecting and understanding each other’s personal space is also very important. It’s important for one to understand that caregiving or having elderly care services at home is one of life’s most difficult jobs. So, one must respect the person who is assigned to take care of the elderly and make sure you be polite to them. As they deal with these patients with the utmost care, empathy, and patience. They go through a lot more than you think.

The bond and the connection between a caregiver and the elderly can be achieved only over a period of some time. No relationship happens in a day or two so patience and time are the factors that one must keep in mind. As Pablo Casals says, “The capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.” When handled in the right way, caring for a loved one can bring meaning and pleasure to you, your nurse in service and your elderly. Staying calm and relaxed and taking time to connect and know each other will release stress-free hormones which will reduce stress and aid to a good mood and speedy recovery. As one’s environment is also an important factor while creating that bond between your caregiver/nursing caretaker and your elderly.

Once that bond is made between your elderly and your caregiver, it will make them at ease and create a relationship of trust, empathy, and transparency.

Basic Duties And Responsibilities Of Home Nurse

When we think of a home nurse, the first thought that probably comes to mind is elderly care or caring for senior citizens. While this is the most common requirement, a home nurse can be helpful in many other cases too. Think about a high-risk pregnancy where the mother is completely bed-bound for several months. Maybe a young person has suffered a severe injury or accident and needs care and rehabilitation. Post-surgery care is quite common too, whether young or old. A home nurse can be helpful wherever there is a medical condition that needs special care, right from newborns to senior citizens.

So what does a home nurse really do? Think about all the things a patient needs in the hospital. Administration of injections and medication, charting of various parameters, reporting to the attending doctor, assistance with toileting and so much more. 

A home nurse is qualified to do all that and more in the comfort of one’s home, but let’s take a closer look.

Care plan

With healthcare at home, your home nurse can create an individualized plan of care based on his or her evaluation of the patient’s health, advice from the attending physician and the patient’s lifestyle. This care plan will be tailor-made to suit the patient and help them live up to their best potential.


Having a nurse at home means you will have assistance with monitoring and giving out medications, administration of injections or IVs, assistance with pain management and changing or draining of catheter or urine bag where necessary.

Wound management

With healthcare at home, the patient’s wounds (where applicable) can be cleaned and dressed at home itself.

Symptom watch

With certain conditions, family members may not be aware of certain symptoms, but a certified nurse at home will be alert and monitor all existing and new symptoms and vital signs. They will maintain a chart to see the patient’s progress.


Patient health will be closely monitored and the care plan will be updated accordingly.


Your home nurse will be able to instruct both the patient and the family on proper home care guidelines. This will help you be aware of dos, don’ts and not to worry’s!


Due to their extensive training, they may be able to provide suggestions to improve safety at home as well as facilities to enhance their mobility such as handlebars and anti-skid mats in the bathrooms, organization of furniture to accommodate a walker or wheelchair and so on.


A nurse at home will constantly be in communication with the patient’s physicians, dietician or other health advisors.


Lastly, your nurse will be able to extend encouragement and support to the patient themselves as they grapple with their condition. This is important for the overall mental wellness of the patient.

The great thing about one on one care is that a patient is able to benefit from the same quality of qualification and experience as institutionalised care, but with a personal touch and individual attention. It’s no wonder home healthcare is growing today.

The long-term benefits of nanny services – how they can revolutionize your family

A nanny, in some cultures are common, but in other cultures may even be considered a taboo concept or something to be skeptical of. Nanny services however can actually have a long-term benefit to a family and create a healthy environment to bring up precious little children.

Research shows that in Asian countries the percentage of women that struggle with post-partum depression is anywhere between 65% to 73%. The top 5 reasons for post-partum depression are:

Hormonal changes to the body

Lack of proper rest

Complete change in lifestyle


A sense of loss and inadequacy (this may be a loss of independence, career, freedom, or feeling like they are losing themselves.

Using nanny services can actually help with all 5 of these factors. Bringing a newborn home is filled with joy and excitement but can also be overwhelming for the family who is trying to navigate what their life will look like with the baby. Whether they are first time parents or second or third, life will certainly be different and having experienced newborn care can make that transition smoother.

A trained and experienced caretaker at home will understand the hormonal changes the mother may be feeling and can take preemptive decisions to put the mother at ease. She may also offer advice, expertise and companionship to a first time mother who is learning things for the first time. Most importantly, by having skilled newborn care that the parents can trust, the mother can have the rest that she needs in order to allow herself to heal after the delivery. This rest is most often neglected by families without an adequate support system which can lead to long-term illness and pain due to improper recovery and rehabilitation.

One of the biggest long-term benefits of having a caretaker at home, allows the parents full control and authority over their new lifestyle. They are able to set their baby’s routine in a manner that fits their lives, make decisions regarding the child’s care and ensure that they are the sole decision makers for the baby. It also allows the parents to spend the baby’s ‘awake time’ actively engaging with the child rather than attempting to do things for the baby or getting caught up in household chores. The saying “sleep when the baby sleeps” can be an actual reality for parents when they have a trustworthy nanny.

Newborn care is crucial – sometimes more crucial than we realize. The disciplines and the trainings we establish in children before the age of 2 years old are likely to remain with them till they are adults. Doing this takes time, intentionality and effort. This is why having help matters – parents who are not stressed or exhausted are able to be present, attentive and alert to their children which makes the child more receptive and able to adapt to being trained.

When a baby is brought home, a lot of the attention goes to caring for the child, but the mother is equally important too and having a nanny around will allow the mother to be cared for just as much as the child. This in turn builds physical health leading to a healthy relational dynamic in the family – after all, a happy mother makes a happy child.