The Increasing Need For Physiotherapy In The Work From Home Era

It has now been over a year that most of India’s population are working from home. The shift to working from home during the pandemic has brought many changes to the work culture as a society at large and in general, the work from home concept has been embraced, celebrated and even desired by many. But there is an alarming issue at hand and that is the overall health of the working individual.

In September 2020, only 6 months after work from home was implemented, the Economic Times reported that ‘many people have started complaining of neck pain and backache while working for long hours and are seeking help from physiotherapists.” This has left ‘physiotherapist near me’ as one of the top Google searches of late 2020 – an alarming indicator that physiotherapy centres are in high demand. The top 3 reasons for this are:

1) Long hours – with the new structure, computers, phones and official devices are made available in the comfort of one’s home. This means that individuals are more accessible at all times of day, making it difficult to disconnect or draw boundary lines between work and home which leads to long working hours

2) Improper posture – Oftentimes, there are households with more than one working individual. Some households may even children who are being homeschooled. This means that employees may look for a comfortable but quiet space to work, but the working posture is compromised in the bargain.

3) Seating Arrangements – With the shut down of furniture shops and a sudden move to work from home, several individuals have been left to use make-shift work spaces. The unavailability of a proper work desk and chair which is designed for long working hours can cause catastrophic consequences to an individuals bone and muscle structure.

Other common reports noticed are: wrist, ankle and joint pains, knee pain and eyesight deterioration. The good news is: the right home physiotherapist can and should help prevent or tackle these struggles, here’s why:-

– Aches and pains are preventable

– If not remedied, it can lead to lifelong problems

– Acts a reminder to keep excercising

– A healthy body enables better work productivity.

– No matter how young, even students can suffer, but early action from a home physiotherapist will lead to better mental, physical and emotional well being..

Now more than ever, it is so important to have the absolute best home physiotherapist available at your fingertips. Why? Simply because physiotherapy at home ensures that all the above mentioned issues are temporary and prevents unnecessary suffering while keeping you and your family safe. Even young children studying from home need to be careful as poor posture not only affects the spine formation but also triggers headaches, indigestion and disrupted sleep. Thankfully, if you’re wondering “where can I get a physiotherapist near me”, the search is over. Thanks to our high end physiotherapy centre, we’ve got you covered where you can avail the best physiotherapy at home at any time of day.

So why suffer another day, book your home physiotherapist care package today and invest in your happy, healthy future.