How can you help your senior family member bond with a caregiver?

Building a bond and relationship between your caregiver and your elderly is extremely essential. Establishing this bond and relationship will encourage open and honest communication which will work both ways out. Firstly, when you decide to bring in a nurse at home, it is very important to hire a professional from a Home Nursing Services Agency, who has experience in taking care of the elderly. If your elderly is suffering from dementia, ensure you hire a professional who has dealt with such patients rather than a newbie.

Caregivers often observe things that no one else does. So, make sure you listen to their observations and points with an open mind. The positive energy that you give to a caregiver that relationship will be awarded back! As it is important that even your caregiver feels at ease in the surroundings and when they deal with the elderly. You may also engage with some personalized activity session frequently between your caregiver and your elderly like watching some movie classics together, reading out their favourite book or poem to them, if your elderly can walk without support then going out to outdoor garden walks together, observing nature together etc., also the hobbies can always vary according to the elderly’s lifestyle and choices. This will create a bond of friendship and openness between the two and make their bond grow stronger. Because having a good companionship is a huge part which is required to fill the gap between the two.

As it is said, “Building relationships encourages independence, which has a positive impact on overall happiness.” Having cheerful and positive energy between the nurse at home and the patient, in turn, will aid in a fast recovery if your elderly are suffering from certain ailments or post-surgery recovery. Respecting and understanding each other’s personal space is also very important. It’s important for one to understand that caregiving or having elderly care services at home is one of life’s most difficult jobs. So, one must respect the person who is assigned to take care of the elderly and make sure you be polite to them. As they deal with these patients with the utmost care, empathy, and patience. They go through a lot more than you think.

The bond and the connection between a caregiver and the elderly can be achieved only over a period of some time. No relationship happens in a day or two so patience and time are the factors that one must keep in mind. As Pablo Casals says, “The capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.” When handled in the right way, caring for a loved one can bring meaning and pleasure to you, your nurse in service and your elderly. Staying calm and relaxed and taking time to connect and know each other will release stress-free hormones which will reduce stress and aid to a good mood and speedy recovery. As one’s environment is also an important factor while creating that bond between your caregiver/nursing caretaker and your elderly.

Once that bond is made between your elderly and your caregiver, it will make them at ease and create a relationship of trust, empathy, and transparency.