The long-term benefits of nanny services – how they can revolutionize your family

A nanny, in some cultures are common, but in other cultures may even be considered a taboo concept or something to be skeptical of. Nanny services however can actually have a long-term benefit to a family and create a healthy environment to bring up precious little children.

Research shows that in Asian countries the percentage of women that struggle with post-partum depression is anywhere between 65% to 73%. The top 5 reasons for post-partum depression are:

Hormonal changes to the body

Lack of proper rest

Complete change in lifestyle


A sense of loss and inadequacy (this may be a loss of independence, career, freedom, or feeling like they are losing themselves.

Using nanny services can actually help with all 5 of these factors. Bringing a newborn home is filled with joy and excitement but can also be overwhelming for the family who is trying to navigate what their life will look like with the baby. Whether they are first time parents or second or third, life will certainly be different and having experienced newborn care can make that transition smoother.

A trained and experienced caretaker at home will understand the hormonal changes the mother may be feeling and can take preemptive decisions to put the mother at ease. She may also offer advice, expertise and companionship to a first time mother who is learning things for the first time. Most importantly, by having skilled newborn care that the parents can trust, the mother can have the rest that she needs in order to allow herself to heal after the delivery. This rest is most often neglected by families without an adequate support system which can lead to long-term illness and pain due to improper recovery and rehabilitation.

One of the biggest long-term benefits of having a caretaker at home, allows the parents full control and authority over their new lifestyle. They are able to set their baby’s routine in a manner that fits their lives, make decisions regarding the child’s care and ensure that they are the sole decision makers for the baby. It also allows the parents to spend the baby’s ‘awake time’ actively engaging with the child rather than attempting to do things for the baby or getting caught up in household chores. The saying “sleep when the baby sleeps” can be an actual reality for parents when they have a trustworthy nanny.

Newborn care is crucial – sometimes more crucial than we realize. The disciplines and the trainings we establish in children before the age of 2 years old are likely to remain with them till they are adults. Doing this takes time, intentionality and effort. This is why having help matters – parents who are not stressed or exhausted are able to be present, attentive and alert to their children which makes the child more receptive and able to adapt to being trained.

When a baby is brought home, a lot of the attention goes to caring for the child, but the mother is equally important too and having a nanny around will allow the mother to be cared for just as much as the child. This in turn builds physical health leading to a healthy relational dynamic in the family – after all, a happy mother makes a happy child.