Senior citizens are a growing demographic in the city of Mumbai. This raises the question of ‘how can we ensure that they receive the utmost care.’ At Shree Swami Samarth Patients Seva, we have the perfect solution – deploying a well-trained, highly qualified old age care taker.

As the population ages in this fast-paced world, ensuring that senior citizens are well taken care of is becoming increasingly important. Senior citizens can be thought about as precious jewels – beautiful, timeless and full of incredible beauty. They have life experiences, stories, special recipes and the kind of patience that few younger people have. They are known to bring joy to their families, laughter to their grandchildren and wisdom nuggets to anyone that’ll listen. So, it’s no secret that they need the most delicate and intricate care that is suited specifically to them.

That’s where senior citizen care taker services by Shree Swami Samarth Patients Seva comes in. Through these services, you can be rest assured that only the best old age care taker will be sent to your home, but with thorough training, screening and background checks so your heart can be at ease no matter what. You’ll know that only trained professionals are at your aid ensuring nothing stands in the way of the patient’s well-being.

Studies show senior citizens that have received professional care in the later stages of their lives have a 42% higher chance of an elongated lifespan in comparison to those that receive care from untrained professionals. The study also indicates the professional care for senior citizens is linked to better mental well-being. Let’s breakdown make – 4 key things a senior citizen caretaker can offer:

Mobility – In circumstances where the patient requires a walker or wheelchair, having a dedicated person to help them move around can be very liberating.

Attention – A dedicated caregiver means that the elderly patient has their full attention. Wherever the patient goes, the caretaker follows. This way the professional is able to be alert and attentive to their needs at all times without distraction or lack of focus.

Knowledge – A trained professional has the knowledge of how to care for patients with complex conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s, paralysis, Parkinson’s and other ailments. Patients with such conditions benefit greatly from expert care.

Experience – Watching a family member struggle with poor health can be worrisome and often disheartening. To us, their struggles may seem new and maybe even scary, but with an experienced caretaker, they’ll know just when to sound the alarm and when the patient’s behaviour is normal for their condition.

These 4 areas play a vital role in the patient’s overall well-being. When done right, you may notice that your loved one is actually thriving, cheerful and upbeat. This makes the already difficult circumstance far more comforting. It not only benefits the patient, but their loved ones that surround them too!