How To Take Care Of Bedsores

If you are a person who is completely tied up with your day-to-day work and must juggle between the office and house errands. Then having a nurse at home who is available 24/7 to take care of your elderly or your bedridden loved one, from looking after their personal hygiene to ensuring that they feel comfortable is a positive advantage to your fast-paced lifestyle. It is extremely difficult and saddening to watch your loved one as a bedridden patient. Bedridden patients need your utmost care, support, and undivided attention as they completely are helpless and look upon their loved ones. Having a nursing caretaker can make you feel at ease, as you rest assured that your loved ones are monitored and safe with them.

There should be intensive care and constant monitoring for your loved ones as they are highly prone to bedsores and other skin related infections due to their unavoidable conditions. Ensure that you keep their skin healthy and sanitized daily. Make sure either you or your nurse at home follows strict personal hygiene for your elderly. Keep a check on their linens. Make sure to put a fresh one frequently. When you understand that your loved ones have limited independent mobility because of their conditions ensure that you or your nurse at home use effective methods to get the airflow to all the parts of their body. Start with smaller tasks like lifting the arm up for 10 seconds at a time, assisting if needed and working up to the full capacities of your loved one.

Repositioning them is another important factor that should not be neglected to avoid any sort of skin irritation or bedsores. Keep a check on their skin to ensure there is no indication of any early signs of bedsores. You or your nurse at home must make sure to see that there is no dampness or moisture making any direct contact with your loved one. So, make sure to dry them out properly after a bath as wet skin trapped against a bed will not dry and may increase the risks of skin irritation and sores. Also make sure you stay alert on the common parts where bedsores are likely to occur e.g., ankles, heels the hip area and the tailbone.

Make sure the place is reasonably well lit as per the need, the necessities are right at their bedside, and the place is always well ventilated, fresh, and dry. Reduce noise levels as far as possible. Take extra precautions during this pandemic. Always ensure their and your safety.

The trained nursing caretaker will take care the proper nutritional care. They will monitor and record the meals to ensure they are getting in proper nutritional value and having balanced meals. Make their environment lively, comfortable, and fresh. So, they feel peaceful in that environment around them. It is also extremely important to deal with the bedridden with utmost patience and care. Having a male ward boy nurse at home will help your elderly feel comfortable while taking them to use the washroom if they are able to make movements. A man’s physical strength is undoubtedly strong which will make them comfortable while relying on their strength for movements.

At last, in a day try to engage with your loved ones however busy your schedule may be, make sure you remove some time for them. Making them feel loved and wanted keeps the environment positive and helps them in all good aspects. Positivity is the leading key to a good environment where your loved one will feel safe, wanted, and comfortable.