Why are caretaker services booming in modern-day Mumbai?

Mumbai – the beautiful financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India and capital of Maharashtra is undeniably known to be one of the most populous cities in the nation. With beautiful buildings, unmatched transportation networks and businesses thriving, it is undoubtedly booming. With the young working generation soon becoming the most predominant demographic, the question remains, “is there room for quality patient care services in such a busy city?”

With the fast-paced lifestyle that the we must live in order to survive, caretaker services are becoming an increasing demand. With expenses mounting and demanding jobs, caring for a loved one who may need medical care post-surgery, injury or due to age can be very challenging. As a result of this, families begin to rely on caretakers for Elderly or patient care services. Here’s 3 reasons why this has become the go – to option.

Availability ­– Owing to the increasing demands of jobs, house care, education and more, being available to care for the patient may pose a challenge. By opting for caretaker services, the patient is not neglected even for one minute, while the loved ones are occupied fulfilling their other responsibilities.

Companionship – It goes without saying that we all need company. Patients however, need more companionship than most as they battle through their suffering. By ensuring that someone is with them at all times, not only will the patient have company, but family and loved ones are able to be more mentally and emotionally present for the patient since the upkeep and patient care has been taken care of.

Accessibility – By opting for caretakers for elderly or home healthcare services, the family is able to have the patient in their own home and therefore access them and spend time with them freely as opposed to an institution with fixed visiting hours. This allows for quality time together and peace of mind knowing that the patient is surrounded by their loved ones.

While the city may be thriving and booming with opportunities, but it is also encompassed by qualified, trained professionals – the absolute best of the best. In fact, it is said that family members who are employed in Mumbai, would rather relocate their elder parents to be alongside them rather than provide for similar care back where their hometowns may be, despite the cost difference. One of the reasons is because it is home to the highest standard of professionals there are. This means that not only will the family have their parents close by, but also they can ensure that they receive the absolute best treatment for them. Afterall, this incredible place is home to the first woman who built the Mumbai – Pune railway line, the first car owner in India, the author of The Jungle Book (Rudyard Kipling) and the country’s first ever airport. The city of greatness, a city where legends are born! That’s why caretaker services are booming! It is these caretakers that shower love, care and concern for the patients that allow the working generation to pursue the greatness that the city is so fertile for!